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Tevis 2001

Hi Lisa: I am glad you are coming and take a look see at Tevis this year. 
The hoopla is always exciting. You will have  a head start for next year. 
Now you know where all those secret grass spots are! I'll bet you will fly 
by most of them tho. You will need to keep moving to make the cut off and 
maybe give yourself some bumper time.The first 36 miles are the toughest in 
my opinion. Historical Robinson Flat is where most of the pulls will be. Try 
to be at that first stop because you will see most of  the horses there and 
those who do not go on. You will notice a nice green grassy meadow and 
wonder why no horses grazing. It is off limits to Horses. In earlier Tevis 
Rides the Vet check was in this beautiful Meadow. Now it is back in the 
trees.The Riders are warned not to let their horses drink from the stream 
that flows thru the Meadow because the water is too cold! Now the water in 
the tanks is hauled in so warmer water will be available for the horses.It 
is a great undertaking putting on the Tevis. So much History behind it all. 
Have a pleasant trip. Good luck to Silvia and Harca in their quest for 
another buckle.Maybe next year I will come for a Tevis visit and see you 
girls ride! Bye Hope Lundquist
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