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itchy face?

Tami Keller
Hi all,
Due to time I have unsubsribe to RC for the summer but,
I need alittle help here for you all.
As some of you know I'm now training my 4 year arab gelding, Indeed, we
are coming along good.  He's going be a good one! Only one problem....
He seems to have an itchy face! We'll be just riding along, trotting,
cantering, walking what ever, and he drops his head and rubs his face. Not
just down to his knees but to his pasture! I never know when he'll do this
, he just drops his head in midstride! He 15 hands now and very leggy, so
thats a ways down, and alittle tricky to stay on. My dauthers says he
looks like he bowing! It is alittle tricky to get his head up,  and he
just keeps rubby away. I just haul his head up and yell NO and give him a
little slap with the reins on his shoulder. He'll do this at lease once
every ride. I haven't seen any reason for this , no rashes,  doesn't seem
to matter if there are flys about.I put swat on his head every ride this
week, still itchy. Doesn't seem to rub in the pasture. So I'm thinking
maybe its a just "I can do it thing"? Or maybe becuse he starts to sweat
alittle and it runs down his face?  I hate to punish him if there is a
reason for it. Has anyone else had this problem?
 He's a great colt! Has stopped the spooking thing, just needed a few wet
saddle blankets:))
Maybe I should get him a sweat band for his head like runners ware? Does
sport tack carry them:)) YA, in hunter green! Now that a fashion statment.
Tami ( riding and smiling:)
Indeed( my face is itchy )

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