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barefoot lightning

I see a dilema here.  We're supposed to have puddles of water in the
field for the barefoot horses, but puddles draw lightning. draw lightning.  Of course if your recently shod horses
gets struck, you have slightly more money invested...maybe...I've heard
the barefoot trim is pricey.

One tip I've heard is never have a metal water trough on top of a *of course* my husband bought me a metal water trough to put on
top of my hill...the only place the hose reaches.  And of course, it's
right by the most convenient non-muddy place where I tend to throw out
the hay. :-((

I really am terribly sorry about the horses who were struck.  Yesterday
morning Josie and I got up early to avoid the 30% chance of afternoon
thundershowers, hauled to the trailhead, saddled up, and had gone about
1/4 mile when the rumbling in the distance started, then there was one
blue flash.  It really scared her so we turned back.  Of course as soon
as they were in the trailer headed home it cleared off.  I was sort of
wishing we'd gone on until I read the post about the horses hit.  Better
safe than sorry.  

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