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Our horses feet/hooves

I am another person having a CSHS trim my endurance horse, and follow the Strasser method.  We are just 6 mos into this, and I ride on very rocky terrain (N AZ) and use temporary hoof protection on the front most of the time (bf on back).  My horse's hooves are healthier than ever, and my friends want to know what I'm feeding him :)    I have also seen noticable improvement in his way of going.
I intend to use temporary hoof protection for my horses as needed, with a goal of riding barefoot as much as possible.  This certainly involves alot of time, effort and sometimes $ on my part, but my primary goal isn't convenience, it is the health of my horse (not to impose my opinions on others, just where I'm coming from).  I realize that there are risks involved, and do what I can to minimize them, and make it my responsibility to educate myself and attend to my horses.
I really think there is alot of room for improvement regarding the metal/nailed on shoes that have been used for at least hundreds of years.  I think everyone would agree that even with the best shoeing possible, traditional shoeing has some negative effects.
Hopefully the interest in caring for our horses hooves will lead to improved methods of hoof protection - now that is exciting!
Kathy Kelly
Parks, AZ

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