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Re: Thunderstorms and horses.

Oh, Kristen, our heart goes out to you and your surviving horses.
No advice from me, but a Big <cyber> Hug. (Will give you a real one when we
see you again.)
Linda and Bo

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Date: Thursday, June 28, 2001 10:07 AM
Subject: RC: Thunderstorms and horses.

>Kristen Truitt
>Just had the misfortune of losing two horses to lightening strike. My 4
>yr. old Arabian mare CCA Gypsy Moon and a board horse "Chance" were dead
>when I came home from work Wed. afternoon. They were beside a tree right
>by our driveway when I came home. My other two geldings Sabi and ACE were
>standing close by looking very sad. Such a shock and many tears because my
>horses are very dear to me. Now it is thundering again and it scares me to
>death for my other guys.I know we can't control mother nature but if
>anyone has any good advice let me know. I've owned horses all my life and
>this is the hardest loss.
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