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Re: RC: Re: Re: Re: barefoot

 One thing you people need to realize is that the Strasser Trim Book is full
of mis qouates and half truths when she refers to the other equine
proffesionals findings, from Moyer, Politt , Rooney and others.
  I know, I have all the references with the full statements and videos she
refers to. She reffers back to one reference from the 1830's and disregards
findings from later publications and research.
 The pictures and senarios in the book also show the affects of horse owner
neglect and equine professional ineptness-  in other words scare journalism
to sell a book and a method in which most horses are trimmed to be in pain
for 30 or more days.  I have seen these methods and other fads and have made
them comfortable with shoes.  
  People it is a scam!!!  and a trade off " shoeing is a necessary evil". If
you think you horse is fine without shoes to do training and competition go
right ahead, but when you are through take a pair of hoof testers and see for
your self.

Jaye Perry


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