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Re: RC: Re: Re: Re: barefoot

>   The pictures and senarios in the book also show
> the affects of horse owner 
> neglect and equine professional ineptness-  in other
> words scare journalism 
> to sell a book and a method in which most horses are
> trimmed to be in pain 

  Which book is this in? I have both of her books, A
Lifetime of Soundness and Shoeing a Necessary Evil and
can't find any of this in either. I have found her
books very enlightening and helpful in that I have a
better understanding of hoof physiology and mechansim.
  Everyone needs to read as much about this as they
can and then come to their own conclusion on what is
best for their horse, their situation and how much
effort they are willing to spend in maintaining their

  Going barefoot is not just simply a case of pulling
the shoes. There are conditions that must be
maintained that frankly involve much more work than
just having a farrier slap some shoes on which you
essentially forget about until it's time to reset or
they cause a specific problem.

  Like every other horse related issue, there is no
one size fits all. Each person must research as much
as they can on the subject and then decide what is
right for them.


> for 30 or more days.  I have seen these methods and
> other fads and have made 
> them comfortable with shoes.  
>    People it is a scam!!!  and a trade off " shoeing
> is a necessary evil". If 
> you think you horse is fine without shoes to do
> training and competition go 
> right ahead, but when you are through take a pair of
> hoof testers and see for 
> your self.
>  Jaye Perry

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