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interesting history of barefoot

 >>It was the horses of the princes 
> and knights, who lived in castles, that were shod to protect th> hooves
from excessive wear. The horses of the vassals and common > folk, still
living more naturally, did not have (or need) shoes

Read a little more history and you'll find that the vassals often lived
their entire lives practically in sight of home.  It was a very dangerous
time to travel.  One of the biggest improvements Christianity brought in
was that they negotiated a "No killing on the Sabbath" treaty and people
could actually travel one day a week with a decent chance of avoiding
being murdered.  Believe me, peer pressure only goes so far...for all the
hassel it is to shoe, just how long do you think we'd bother "just
because the folks in d' big house does it"?

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