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This horse is not yet exhibiting any symptoms.  We don't really even know if
it's been exposed. We're assuming that there is a good chance that it has
because the rider presented with the classic rash on her back last weekend
and is currently being treated. If the horse has been exposed, it would
probably have been about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks ago.  If the test is unreliable, is
it prudent to just begin treatment?  Or should we wait a few weeks until
testing becomes somewhat more viable?
We have found a vet who will test.
However, he seems somewhat reluctant to treat until the horse either tests
positive or shows symptoms.  Does this make sense or should we just go ahead
and start?
This is a very confusing disease.  
The more I'm learning, the less I know.   >g<

Thanks everyone,

    Check it Out!    

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