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Re: Helmet Recommendations

Yeah !! They still are HUGE. I sure wish somebody would figure out a way to
slim it down and still pass the standards, 'cause I would be first in line,
cash in hand.

Cheryl in WNY
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Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 11:45 AM
Subject: RC: Helmet Recommendations

>> Yes there is, and it is kinda clunky.> >>western safety helmet>>
>> > Is there such a beast out there?
>Last time I saw one was when they had one donated for a prize back in
>about was pretty funny. Everybody was passing it around and
>trying it on and we all looked like Barney (on Andy Griffith) wearing
>Hoss Cartwright's hat.  It was HUGE.  Picture buying a cowboy hat big
>enough to go over your Troxell...that's what it's like...or was back
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