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Helmet Recommendations

Hi All -
I Just replaced my beloved old Troxel Legacy with a new International Air-Lite. I crashed a week or so back, and the old Troxel is toast. I had been planning on replacing it this season anyway (age), but just hadn't gotten around to it. It fit great right from the get go, and I'll miss it. 
I was checking out helmets and came across the Air-Lite. I must confess the pretty silver color is what first caught my attention :). Wore it around for awhile, tried some different ones, narrowed it down to the Air-Lite and ... can't remember the other one.
They have about eight or nine different makes there. I was trying helmets on for about two hours!
Anyway, since I can't ride for another couple weeks, I'm just wearing it around in the barn to make sure I really like it. Cost $50. I wanted to try on Dakota, but they were out of my size. I did try on the International Pro-Lite, a black velvet one - very comfy, if I were showing jumpers, I'd definately get that one.
Actually, what I would really, really love would be a nice looking (read "not so darned clunky-looking") western safety helmet. Since I ride in western tack a lot, I look a little odd in the english helmet. Not that it keeps me from wearing it, but I do think the horses are embarassed to be seen with me :)
The only thing I would like to see different on my new helmet is a velcro brim.
Ride Safe -
Cheryl in WNY
Horse kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

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