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Hey east coasters:
Please help.
I know of an older (25 years or so ) but rather robust Arab who may have been
infected with Lyme.
Here in So Cal these suspicions are unceremoniously blown off by vets because
it's still rare here (thank goodness).
The vets say that the cure could be worse than the possibility of disease for
this older horse.  Do you guys agree?  Does anyone know an older horse who
has gone through the 3 or 4 weeks of doxycicline?
I understand it can give a horse some fierce diahrrea....but I've read here
in the archives that this can be handled with probiotics.

The problem is that the rider has been diagnosed with it and only goes into
the woods when she's on her horse so she's terrified for the health of her
horse.  More than for her own health, as a matter of fact. She's already
receiving treatment but can't find a vet who will take her seriously.
One vet apparently told her that her physician had "obviously misdiagnosed
her because it just isn't out here".

What's the window of grace before beginning treatment on a horse?
It seems early treatment is the ticket....before physiological symptoms
This woman presented with the bullseye rash on her back last Saturday.
She's already on doxycicline.
Should she continue to seek out a vet who will treat her horse on this basis?

Any help would be appreciated.  We're just not that familiar with this
disease out here.  Particularly in horses.
This rider is scared to death for her horse.  

Thanks so  much.

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