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Reply to rearing

>>cut a two foot section of closet 
> rod. > Next time by she reared and I whacked her firmly between the

I have no advice as to the rearing, but before you hit them between the
ears, read on.  I once lost my temper at a horse when he walked off for
the thousandth time just as I almost had the marker tied onto the tree,
and had the reins in my teeth, and he took the hackamore shank and yanked
my front teeth. *ouch*  I was pretty frazzled at the time and yanked the
rein to get the shank back out of his teeth. He threw his head back and
almost hit me between the eyes, I had the other end of the nylon split
reins in my right hand and I popped him between the ears.  Next thing I
knew we flipped over backwards off the *big* mountain (up at Tellico,
remember that one guys?)  We rolled about three times.  He jumped up and
ran back up to the trail and stood there with his left eye stuck shut. 
The end of the rein had flipped down and torn his cornea when I had hit
him between the ears.  Talk about a guilt trip that lasts a lifetime!!! 
You could not pay me to hit a horse between the ears now.  I've seen
another girl do the same thing hitting a barrel horse between the ears
with a crop.  I've heard rednecks (no offense Jim >eg<) talk about
hitting them with woofleball bats...but I think that if it was that easy
or fun there wouldn't be any rearing horses out there.


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