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Re: RC: Reply to rearing

I agree, Angie....That was in my younger days when I didn't know I say, I would not do that now under any circumstances. 
Rule is, NEVER hit a horse above the withers...ever...under any
circumstances.  Too much chance of eye injury.  Whew...I remember the
Tellico "Big" fell off that? And are still with us?
Somebody was looking after you! <grin>

Jim and Sun of Dimanche  

Rides 2 Far wrote:
> >>cut a two foot section of closet
> > rod. > Next time by she reared and I whacked her firmly between the
> ears
> I have no advice as to the rearing, but before you hit them between the
> ears, read on.  I once lost my temper at a horse when he walked off for
> the thousandth time just as I almost had the marker tied onto the tree,
> and had the reins in my teeth, and he took the hackamore shank and yanked
> my front teeth. *ouch*  I was pretty frazzled at the time and yanked the
> rein to get the shank back out of his teeth. He threw his head back and
> almost hit me between the eyes, I had the other end of the nylon split
> reins in my right hand and I popped him between the ears.  Next thing I
> knew we flipped over backwards off the *big* mountain (up at Tellico,
> remember that one guys?)  We rolled about three times.  He jumped up and
> ran back up to the trail and stood there with his left eye stuck shut.
> The end of the rein had flipped down and torn his cornea when I had hit
> him between the ears.  Talk about a guilt trip that lasts a lifetime!!!
> You could not pay me to hit a horse between the ears now.  I've seen
> another girl do the same thing hitting a barrel horse between the ears
> with a crop.  I've heard rednecks (no offense Jim >eg<) talk about
> hitting them with woofleball bats...but I think that if it was that easy
> or fun there wouldn't be any rearing horses out there.
> Angie
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