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search for Tenn Mentor

> Hi Lynette. I would be more than happy to,  but unfortunately I only 
> do the southwest ,and surrounding areas.  If it is in Tenn. I am 
> sure there will be someone there to help.>  

Don't know if any of these addresses are to the original sender, but I'm
a Tennesseean (so what if I moved 4 miles over the state line), but as
far from Memphis as you can get...Chattanooga.  Please forward this to
Lynette if possible.  I plan to go to Summer Breeze, but not real sure
about Witchdance...don't know how it falls in relationship to the
National Championship in KY.  Nothing like declaring you're going
somewhere to make the horse decide to change your plans.  I know Debra
LaComet is in Memphis.  Have Lynette send me a note and maybe I can be of
a little help.


 Hey Annie,
>   I'm contemplating a ride in the fall.  Witchdance II,  I was 
> planning to>   do Summer Breeze in Kentucky but my husband already had
> planned>   that I had forgotten about.(sigh)  Anyway, I don't know if
you > were>   thinking of doing Witchdance or not, but me and a friend
and my > daughter
>   are hoping to be there and would appreciate some guidance.         
>  Some people are too proud to ask for help,  want to prove 
> themselves to
>   someone who might be watching, afraid of rejection, or  some old 
> ego
>   stuff,  just the usual life crap that  interferes with 
> opportunities.
>   I've checked the sponsor list and there wasn't anyone here in 
> Memphis.
>   Thanks,
>   Lynette 
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