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Re: RC: immediately rule out a horse that toes out?

If you take a good hard look at all of them, they all have a wart or two. Just as in the old Bobby Bear country and western song about women, "There Ain't No Ten," there is no perfect horse.

If the toeing out is slight, hasn't deformed the hoof, doesn't cause interference and has caused other problems like splints and she is perfect in every other way, then that's about as close to a 10 as you will ever see.

Truman wrote:

I am looking at this mare who has a great stride, endurance, and good
conformation; except for one thing.  She toes out on the right front foot.  I
have examined video in slow motion of her movement and she doesn't seem to
interfere.  This mare has HUGE well formed hooves, which is another plus.  Do
I automatically rule her out because she toes out?  I saw a pic of the horse
that won BC on the Tevis and it looks like he toes out.  Is it just a matter
of time before lameness occurs, or is it possible that she could have a long
endurance carreer?  Until now, in my search I have been very stringent about
straight leg columns, but this mare just strikes me as exceptional.  All
advice appreciated.


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