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Re: RC: immediately rule out a horse that toes out?

I would say that you are never going to find the perfect horse.  You have to 
weigh all the plusses and minusses of any horse.  RT Muffin was clubfooted, 
as are a lot of Arabians.  It's true that ideally, you want a horse with 
perfect legs, and if you buy this horse you are going to have to pay special 
attention to the types of problems that come from her particular conformation 
fault.  but you shouldn't just automatically exclude her because of a little 
toe out.  Ask your farrier to look at her.  My farrier steered me away from a 
filly that I had truly fallen in love with.  One that I see every day, and 
still wish I could buy.  When he was out shoing my mare the filly was working 
in the arena, and I just asked him to go over and watch her for a minute and 
give me his opinion.  He noticed some things about the way she travels that I 
hadn't seen, and told me he thought she wouldn't stay sound in the long run.  
If your farrier has to make a special trip out, offer to pay for his time.  

If everything else about the mare is great, and you have had some one you 
respect look at her, have her vet checked. This is money well spent.  Again, 
a professional opinion that will give you a different perspective on the 
horse, and possibly point out good or bad points you hadn't noticed.  When I 
look at a horse, I tend to either decide in the first minute that I don't 
like it, or fall in love.  Having those objective opinions has been a 
lifesaver (for my pocketbook)  Good luck, jeri

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