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Re: absess

I think I like Jim Holland's answer better than my first one.  I have used
7% iodine, but I think Ichthamol would be better, as it is (as Jim said) a
drawing salve.  I don't feel that twice a day change is necessary, unless
the foot is showing infection.  But it certainly wouldn't hurt to change
more frequently than my suggestion of every two days.

Barbara McCrary

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> Tracy
> Hi everyone, I am a newbie lurking in the background taking every thing
> in.  I have a question??  My arab had gotten a absess in his left front.
> He  went lame on Sunday, Got the vet out and dug it out of his foot.  He
> is no longer limping, know the problem is how do I keep it clean.  He is
> out on pasture 24/7 .  I have tried a easyboot with vetwrap and duct tape,
> still water and mud get in....Any suggestions.  A friend said to pack it
> with youkom  (spelling)  Thanks much
> Also we will be doing our first 25 ctr in two weeks hope were ready..
> Tracy
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