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Re: RC: Use of restraint [My Broken Jaw & Arabian Stereotypes]

At 10:53 PM 6/24/01, Heidi  wrote:
>First of all, most restraints are not painful, unless wrongfully 
>used.  Secondly, use of pressure points is very useful in humans as well 
>as in animals--not necessarily as restraint, but for relief of pain.

I wouldn't have any problem restraining a child, but I wouldn't use any 
methods that I wasn't trained to use.  I wouldn't even dream of applying 
pressure points on a child.

I challenge anyone to provide me with compelling evidence that even as many 
as 10% of horse people who use a twitch, or grab an ear, or use one of 
those head stall thingies, has had any real instruction in the use of these 
restraints and could describe how the pressure points work.

>The secret to successfully using restraint is to use it BEFORE the 
>situation gets out of hand

Yep.  And I bet there's even fewer than the above suggested 10% who have 
done that, either.

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