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Fw: absess

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> From: "Jim Holland" <>
> > Tracy...
> >
> > I have had good luck with cleaning it thoroughly, putting a wad of
> > Ichthammol on two or three thicknesses of 4" gauze pad, stiff it in the
> > hoof and cover the whole thing with duct tape.  Change twice daily.
> > Ichthammol is a "drawing salve
> An added plug for Ichthammol-my 2 year old recently cut her knee pretty
> badly.  I took her in for stitches and bandaging, etc.
> AFter 3 days she started pulling the bandage off (and the stitches out).
> Back to the vet, who did another wrap, and smeared
> Ichthammol on it-said of everything she had every tried, that was so
> and nasty that it deterred the horse from picking at the
> it worked!
> Karen

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