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Re: Stallion Behavior

Kristene wrote:

>I purchased a stallion (was mean, no manners, fearful, etc etc = mentally
abused) and before I even thought of taking him to any kind of gathering
with more than two horses, I set about teaching him manners.  Long story
short, I get the questions "What drugs is he on?"  "Did you geld him?"  "Is
he the same horse?"  and yes, the dive to check out the goods.>

I have seen Ibn, and ridden with him and Kristene, and can vouch for his
impeccable manners.  This horse is an absolute gem.  My only complaint about
him is that he makes my own (gelded) horse, seem even worse by comparisong!
Even when Toc put his ears back and tried to bite Ibn, all Ibn do was look
at him as if to say "young man, that's just not nice".


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