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Re: RC: Stallion Behavior

Greetings from a (finally) cold South Africa.

I would have to agree with all of you about manners in horses, gender notwithstanding.  I often think that all my research, reading and common sense about horses in general and endurance in particular must be leading me down the wrong trail <g>

I purchased a stallion (was mean, no manners, fearful, etc etc = mentally abused) and before I even thought of taking him to any kind of gathering with more than two horses, I set about teaching him manners.  Long story short, I get the questions "What drugs is he on?"  "Did you geld him?"  "Is he the same horse?"  and yes, the dive to check out the goods.

I then see a lady rider, who has been in this sport for many more years than I who also rides a stallion come to a ride with a snaffle, next ride with a pelham, next ride with a mechanical hackamore, and wait for it, the next ride with a pelham AND a mechanical hackamore!!!!!  So I must think to myself that I must be doing something wrong, because the old hands at this must surely know what they're doing????  She's not the only one who I've seen doing things that leaves me perplexed and amazed <g>

Oh well, have to now go undo all his good manners!  <sigh>  We already have a start, he does hate is so when some stranger slams into his backside, but so far it's only been an ears back, nostrils pulled up, tail tucked and "buck" - must work on that to make it a full buck and kick out if we're working on undoing manners!


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