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Dead Horse at NASTR

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> Sindy McCosker

 I feel very sorry for
> Susan McCartney, the vet who tried to save this horse.  What a
> thing for her.  She is a very caring and competent vet.  I'm sure
> tried everything she could to save this mare, but if the rider was
> unwilling to have the horse treated what could she have done?

I second that!!  Susan is a wonderful person and a very caring vet.  I
recently stayed up all night with her tending to a friend's horse who,
after a trail accident on the ride, was lost for several hours and had
become dehydrated.  It got colicky that evening and several of us were
there with her during the night.  She had vetted all day and then
stayed up all night with us and never once complained . . . . not even
a snivel.  She had to be exhausted, but she was so pleasant and a joy
to be around.  Thanks to her diligence, this horse who was very sick,
pulled through and is fine now.

To many of us here in this area, she is our hero and our friend.

Linda Hedgpeth
Janesville, CA

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