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Re: RC: Stinger Fly Zappers!!!!


Friend of mine tried these things.....horses seem to be very sensitive
to the frequency of the "zap" in some way other than visual.  You really
don't want to use these things anyway.  First, they attract everything
within hundreds of yards to the barn.....insects who would not be
present otherwise.  Number 2, they kill beneficial insects as well. 
Same way with Japanese Beetle Traps.....the "sex lure" ones.  They
attract all the beetles to YOUR yard, and actually increase your
population.  (However, I encourage my neighbors to use them) <grin>

Jim and Sun of Dimanche

Jerry & Susan Milam wrote:
> Has anyone successfully trained their horses to tolerate the stinger lights
> that zap insects.
> My guys go absolutely nutso when they hear ours zap even if it's 100yds
> away. One of them was bucking in his stall in place and biting himself on
> his knees and his flanks, he was so upset. Once I turned the thing off he
> was quiet and peaceful again. It was 100yds away!
> It really helps keep the fly pop down, but we haven't been able to use it.
> Maybe we'll have to put it on the other side of the house.
> Thanks,
> Susan in Illinois
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