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RE: V2B Vienna-Budapest from an historical perspective

To me, what is more interesting would be an answer to the question I asked
previously and got no response to. It was:

Came across an interesting comment regarding the AERC/FEI discussion; <<<<In
1950, endurance riding was recognized as an equine sport by the Federation
Équestre Internationale (FEI)>>>>

Considering this bit of information you could suppose that the FEI
definitely pre-dated the AERC by more than a decade! Now, does any one have
any information regarding this? Where were the competitions being held back
in 1950.

Considering that it is well defined in the FEI General Regulations as

<<<<4.1. To be considered for proposal to the General Assembly as an added
FEI discipline and to be governed by these
General Regulations the activity in question must be practiced by a minimum
of thirty NFs from at least four geographical
groups with a total participation of a minimum of ten thousand

I would pose several questions the would be of interest; since it requires
thirty NF's, exactly who were these NF's practicing endurance competition
prior to and in 1950. In addition the requirement is for a minimum of ten
thousand competitors. Where were these competitors competing?  Was the
United States one of the thirty NF's? If so, who was competing then?

This could be interesting from many view points and also an adjunct to our
history of endurance riding.

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID

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From: Truman Prevatt, PhD []
Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2001 10:14 AM
Subject: RC: V2B Vienna-Budapest from an historical perspective


The US Cavalry trials pre-date these events.  The US Cavalry trilas were not
exactly like our endurance rides of today, but if I remember correctly ( and
Becky correct me if I am wrong ), the Cavalry trials are pointed to by the
Florida Horsemen Association as the basis of the FL 3 day 100 mile CTR -
has been going on much longer than endurance riding - and CTR in general.

What would be interesting to know is were the US Cavalry trails based on a
European custom.


> tom sites
> Hello campers,   Quoting Dr. Zsolt Szebeni from Budapest..."The first
> Wien-Budapest long distance riding was at 7 Oktober, 1908.  It was won by
> Bela Wodianer, Hungarian cavalry lieutenant,his time was 16 h,38 min. His
> Thoroughbred horse name was Adamsapfel, breeded in Count Miklos Moric
> Esterhazi's stud-farm. So his average was about 15km/hr (247km).  The
> second was Folis, Hungarian cavalry first lieutenant,(17 hr,10 min),  the
> third was Vargyas, Hungarian cavalary first lieutenant,(17h,10.5 min), the
> fourth was Peter Baich, Hungarian cavalary lieutenant (17 hr, 56 min)."
> So from my perspective we Americans like to claim a sport that has been
> arround for a long period of time. We should give the Europeans the
> respect they deserve and have a legitimate right to feel as if it is
> 'Theirs' and not necessarily 'Ours'. tom sites

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