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Re: RC: V2B Vienna-Budapest from an historical perspective


The US Cavalry trials pre-date these events.  The US Cavalry trilas were not
exactly like our endurance rides of today, but if I remember correctly ( and
Becky correct me if I am wrong ), the Cavalry trials are pointed to by the
Florida Horsemen Association as the basis of the FL 3 day 100 mile CTR - which
has been going on much longer than endurance riding - and CTR in general.

What would be interesting to know is were the US Cavalry trails based on a
European custom.


> tom sites
> Hello campers,   Quoting Dr. Zsolt Szebeni from Budapest..."The first
> Wien-Budapest long distance riding was at 7 Oktober, 1908.  It was won by
> Bela Wodianer, Hungarian cavalry lieutenant,his time was 16 h,38 min. His
> Thoroughbred horse name was Adamsapfel, breeded in Count Miklos Moric
> Esterhazi's stud-farm. So his average was about 15km/hr (247km).  The
> second was Folis, Hungarian cavalry first lieutenant,(17 hr,10 min),  the
> third was Vargyas, Hungarian cavalary first lieutenant,(17h,10.5 min), the
> fourth was Peter Baich, Hungarian cavalary lieutenant (17 hr, 56 min)."
> So from my perspective we Americans like to claim a sport that has been
> arround for a long period of time. We should give the Europeans the
> respect they deserve and have a legitimate right to feel as if it is
> 'Theirs' and not necessarily 'Ours'. tom sites

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