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V2B Vienna-Budapest from an historical perspective

tom sites
Hello campers,   Quoting Dr. Zsolt Szebeni from Budapest..."The first
Wien-Budapest long distance riding was at 7 Oktober, 1908.  It was won by
Bela Wodianer, Hungarian cavalry lieutenant,his time was 16 h,38 min. His
Thoroughbred horse name was Adamsapfel, breeded in Count Miklos Moric
Esterhazi's stud-farm. So his average was about 15km/hr (247km).  The
second was Folis, Hungarian cavalry first lieutenant,(17 hr,10 min),  the
third was Vargyas, Hungarian cavalary first lieutenant,(17h,10.5 min), the
fourth was Peter Baich, Hungarian cavalary lieutenant (17 hr, 56 min)."
So from my perspective we Americans like to claim a sport that has been
arround for a long period of time. We should give the Europeans the
respect they deserve and have a legitimate right to feel as if it is
'Theirs' and not necessarily 'Ours'. tom sites

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