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Re: RC: RE: Sponsors for first time riders

The great thing about gators is they eat 'em bones, writchwatch, wallet, buttons,
zippers and all. Nothing left to find. Several years ago they found a gator with a
couple of rings and a watch in it's belly - been there for a long time.  That
always causes quite a stir when it happens.


Lif Strand wrote:

> At 05:57 PM 6/23/01, Truman Prevatt, PhD wrote:
> >The great thing about the FL swamp, gators pretty much consume everything.
> The bears, big cats and wolves take care of our "problems" here, coyotes
> sweep up afterwards.  Very quick about it, too.  Good thing, cause the
> country is too rough to get heavy equipment in, too rocky to dig by hand.
> Lif Strand
> Quemado NM  USA

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