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Animal Rights Activists

My contention is this. And I'll try not to tell it in too verbose a manner.  
I'm thinking all endurance riders, and in the USA, AERC riders, are 
spokesperson for the horse and puts us in the category of animal rights 

I know a lot of riders just want to ride their horse, but the one, of the 
many, dangerous aspects to the sport is a horse, under a tree, on an IV.  Or 
worse!  And, it's why I do respect AERC.

They have an excellent track record, and they do it with the vets and pulls,  
considering the sport itself.  Because of this, I do believe in the 
organization and won't attend a ride that they don't sponsor. At least not 
here in the states, and since I don't fly, it's probably all I'll ever do.

Howard (don't get mad, Lisa.  I know your ride was the acception)

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