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NASTR Board Members.........

Sindy McCosker
Can you please shed some light on what happened to this horse.  I see in
the Horse Tails publication that the NASTR contact person is Connie
Creech.  Connie....what is up with this?  How could this happen?  I hope
AERC gets in the middle of this and does some investigation into what
happened.  All I can think about is how could this 19 year old "newbie"
loped her horse the whole 50 miles!!! I guess God didn't give everyone
brains! This poor mare! I can see that when the sport becomes more popular
that this could happen again.  Just because you can sit on a horses back
doesn't mean that you are a horseman or women!!!  I feel very sorry for
Susan McCartney, the vet who tried to save this horse.  What a horrible
thing for her.  She is a very caring and competent vet.  I'm sure she
tried everything she could to save this mare, but if the rider was
unwilling to have the horse treated what could she have done?  Would early
intervention have prevented this?  You all know that you can pretty much
stay to yourself after the ride by parking away from the main camp, not
socializing etc.....
I am so disgusted by what has happened, how often do you think this occurs
and no one talks about it?  I can guarentee you that if this happened to a
LD rider it would be the main topic of converation!!!!

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