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NASTR Board Members.........

>> Can you please shed some light on what happened to this horse. All I
can think about is how could this 19 year old 
> "newbie" loped her horse the whole 50 miles!!! 

Would everyone PLEASE slow down.  All I can see here is a lot of people
jumping to conclusions over hearsay.  Duane Barnett is head of the vet
committee.  He asked for eye witnesses.  I think everyone else should
chill.  Sometimes it's good to hash things out fast on ridecamp...other
times it's better to proceed slowly and Endurance News is a better venue.
 Unless somebody rode right with this 19 year old you do not know that he
loped the whole way. Sounds like a comment one person made and others
quickly repeated as fact.  What does it look like when a person logs on
to for the first time and the subject line "horse dying" is
all down the page?  I've been in this aport 14 years and have seen one
horse die.  I hung out at the race track in Florida and saw 3 horses die
in ONE NIGHT of racing.  Our record is good....incredibly good compared
to some of the other sports.  It is good compared to large "wagon train"
type trail rides.  We will get to the bottom of it.  Let's not form any
lynch mobs.

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