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Re: sunburned lips

Neutrogena lip balm - if you can find it.

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> Subject: RC:  sunburned lips
> Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 11:29 AM
> On our LD ride over the weekend, I slathered on the sunscreen and put 
> ChapStick on my lips to try to avoid sunburn.  My skin was fine, but I
> the worst case of sunburn ever on my lips.  I have blisters and the skin
> my lips is now peeling off.  What do you guys use to prevent sunburn on
>  AND what do you use to relieve the discomfort if your lips are
> Aloe vera tastes bad and ChapStick isn't helping (just like it didn't
> prevent the sunburn, despite their CLAIM right on the label that the
> prevents sunburn!)  Sorry, a little crabby today and looking for some
> Rhonda
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