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Re: carbonates in elytes? vs commercial formulas.

Glad to see that we are getting some educational discussion, which was
my hope in posting my original question.  However the bottom line for me
is that the most expensive commercial elyte brand out there is still
cheap compared to the entry fees and gas to travel to a ride.  I'm a
pretty good penny pincher- my horses have thrift store wool blankets for
coolers rather than pricey store bought ones, but I've always felt that
going cheaper on electrolytes was being penny-wise and pound foolish. 
And if I did not have access to commercial elytes or wanted to skip the
sugar to avoid clumping I would buy a citracal +Mg vitamin supplement
(Calcium acetate + Mg acetate) and use that for calcium and magnesium in
a homemade mix.  It might add .20 to .30 cents per dose over limestone
and Mg oxide or dolomite, but again, look at what you spend otherwise to
do endurance.  Electrolytes ARE critical, why not give the safest
formulation you can? - its not like its an everyday expense.

Teresa Van Hove

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