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Re: RC: The Trainer Is God (wasDead Horse at NASTR)

Date:          Fri, 22 Jun 2001 08:56:31 -0400
From:          "Carolyn Burgess" <>
Subject:       RC:  Dead Horse at NASTR

<html><DIV>The Trainer is God! You don't see this alot in endurance because most endurance people train themselves, their horses, or have endurance friends who help.&nbsp;Oh, and the biggest one, en
urance people seem to have a brain and minds of their own. You see that in the way people post to ridecamp.&nbsp;But you see&nbsp;the Trainer is God attitude&nbsp;in Western, Hunter and Dressage cir
les.&nbsp; "The trainer says I have to wear these breeches", "The trainer says I have to have this saddle", "The trainer says I have to have this horse", and so on.&nbsp; I fired two trainers for sa
ing stupid things and figured I couldn't do worse that the trainer and save myself a few bucks in the process.&nbsp; </DIV>
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I boarded my horse at a dressage barn for 2 years.  The care there 
was excellent and I needed to know my horse was in good hands as I 
knew I would be facing some surgery in the future.  Before the surgery,
I would saddle up and ride out on the trails for 4 & 5 hours at a time.  I was
unaware of it, but some of the boarders wondered/worried 
about the length of time I was out.  I always rode with a cell phone and they
soon  settled in to my unorthodox ways  & strange looking outfits & gear  : )

I had long ago ceased using the nose band on my horse's bridle. When 
asked by some of the boarders why I didn't use a nose band, I 
told them I felt it wasn't necessary as she does not avoid the bit, and not
having it allows her to eat more comfortably as we ride along. I have taught
her to eat on the command, "EAT"   : )   I got some strange looks, but 
everything was cool.   I also took our dressage lessons sans 
noseband .  Just about everyone at the barn used the flash nose bands, or the
figure eight. They were good people, though, and we learned from each other.  

I made arrangements for the owner of the barn, an excellent rider & 
my dressage  instructor, to continue with Hilary's dressage while I recuperated 
from the surgery.  The first time I went to the barn to observe a 
lesson (I love to see my horse under saddle....she's beautiful!),  
Chris had put a flash nose band on Hilary's bridle.  I didn't say 
anything....I knew Chris wouldn't give her the "EAT" command  : )  I 
observed another lesson a  month later, and the flash band had
been removed.  Nothing was ever said between Chris & me , but I guess 
she found Hilary went as well, or better, without the flash band.

I have had good luck with my trainers and I  am looking forward to my 
lesson tomorrow!

Judy &
Hilary, who recognizes the trainer as "Herd Leader"

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