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Re: RC: Dead Horse at NASTR

At 12:32 AM 6/22/01, Linda Hedgpeth wrote:
>For some strange reason, this time, no one has said a word.

In the past sometimes these issues have gotten pretty nasty - kangaroo 
court sort of stuff.  I for one am tired of having to delete all the 
fighting/flaming that we've had to go through on this list.  If someone has 
something useful and educational to talk about on the issue, then let's 
hear it.  If someone who wasn't there has an opinion, I'm not sure I want 
to read it.  In Linda's post she says "Some have speculated that ...." and 
speculation and innuendo and jumping to conclusions is just what I am 
talking about.  I wasn't there, I don't know the circumstances and I sure 
don't have a thing to add, except that I didn't sign up for RideCamp to 
judge anyone.

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