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Malabu Incident & LD

In regards to LD rides I think it can be agreed that both LD riders and 100 milers need each other.  There are pros and cons to both, but both are essential to endurance riding. "nuff said".
About the Malabu incident, instead of BC awards (and similar awards to 100 mile rides) for LD rides, could we not have positive reinforcement such as "sportsmanlike awards".  I'm just thinking out loud here, but could criteria not be based on their behaviour on the trail (those who behave extremely well, also get noticed), their behaviour at vet checks, and overall sportsmanship.  Surely the vets, ride managers, and ride workers are well aware of the 'good guys' on the trail.  This award is not at all speed related, but simply takes notice of courtesy, horsemanship, and fellowship.
What about an Annual year end award for top Junior 'Sponsor'.  Somebody who goes out of their way to really teach our juniors how to do it right.  You know the person who you would love to have your children ride with if you can't.  Maybe some of you who feel you can no longer compete in 100's and have dropped down to shorter mileages, can take on a junior?
Look, these are just ideas I haven't really thought on how to implement them which is why I'm posting it to Ridecamp.  But if we can use positive reinforcement to train our horses, then why not with riders too?
Denice & Bunny (who gave me that name anyway?)
Ontario, Canada

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