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FW: LD --

Its NOT endurance and this is the American ENDURANCE ride conference, right?  


It may not be Endurance to you but my body says it is pretty darn enduring to it.  So I guess it all depends on your version of the definition of ENDURANCE.



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. As
ex-endurance riders we will be proud to call ourselves LD riders and
that Limited Distance  rides allow us to continue to do what we love best.

Hi Julie!   Let me preface whatever I say here with the fact that I have the
utmost respect for you and your horsemanship abilities.  You The Woman!!!  I
don't think the LD debate as seen on RC means that people would in any way
whatsoever look down on you for riding LD! There is a definite time and place
for it.  But I have to ask.... Will you be looking for National recognition
for the LD rides you ride?  Will you be racing the LDs? Will you expect to
get equal recognition for riding 25 miles as the person who rides the 100
mile distance (at the same ride)?  All stuff that kind of grates on the
nerves of a lot of endurance riders (the silent majority IMO).  It has never
been my intention or intent to put down someone who rides LD -- just that the
whole racing, mileage accumulation, points thing has skewed the issue badly.  
Its NOT endurance and this is the American ENDURANCE ride conference, right?  
 If you say "yes, I want to race LDs and I want to accumulate bookoo mileage
in LD" then I won't ever rag on the LD issue again (well, maybe not <g>)


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