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Re: RC: Malibu Ride And Trail Incident

In a message dated 6/20/01 9:10:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Do I want to be on the same ride with this group? I don't think so,
especially when RIDE MANAGEMENT looks the other way to such actions. This
makes me believe that RIDE MANAGEMENT condones and shares the views of the
actions of this particular sponsor and juniors. Now what about the legal
ramifications!!! This elderly lady might be sitting down discussing this
whole event with her lawyer (if she can sit)figuring out who to "SERVE".
This looks great because its an AERC sanctioned ride. Well I don't know
about anyone else but I like these rides. Karyn Z put on a nice ride but
she is noticeably weak in the area of management.I will NEVER attend
another one of her rides. I do not think I should put my life and horses
life in jeopardy just for fun!

Firstly, please understand that I do not and never WILL condone either the
behavior of this person nor go to a ride now where she is to be welcomed. At
the same time, I can't forget that Karyne is also my friend, and aside from a
real affection for her, I have a level of appreciation for what she DOES
accomplish in securing these trails for the ride to begin with, given the
ongoing GUFF she gets from NPS - you know, the Park service who work for US
(the TAXPAYERS) yet act as though we are a nuisance?? I must confess that I
am somewhat like Karyne, not finding it easy to be confrontational with
people I am close to - easier to jump on a stranger for misbehavior! Given
the right counsel and a little time to sort out obligation and good sense, I
am confident that she will do the right thing. KNOWING WHAT WE KNOW NOW, and
after numerous PAST incidents as well, I would like to know which RMs would
continue to allow her in their rides. This will certainly color which rides
WE go to because I, too, am tired of watching my back in an LD!!!! In
response to one private  post, I had to reply that if this person were to so
much as break a toenail on my daughter in one of her acts of trail terrorism,
she would need an attorney really quick. This is no accident, no surprise
when she endangers others - we now KNOW what is up here, and it has to stop.
Anyone with "conflicting testimony" about the Malibu incidents, now is the
time. Otherwise, let's move on to solving the problem. All in favor???

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