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Malibu Ride And Trail Incident

Sheryl Phelps
I am a new member of the AERC. Malibu was only my second endurance ride. I
first heard about this DANGEROUS sponsor and three juniors from my friend
who's horse was kicked by the junior to get by. I suppose she never
learned the words "Excuse Me".I was suprised to hear this goes on at 25
mile rides. Then when I heard this same group bumped an elderly woman who
was riding her mountain bike off the trail, I was appalled. Come on now!!
I could see this type of behavior if there was a Mercedes, New Trailer or
$100,000 purse awaiting the winner. But all this for a T-shirt? So it all
boils down to blatant disregard for human and equine life on their part.
Do I want to be on the same ride with this group? I don't think so,
especially when RIDE MANAGEMENT looks the other way to such actions. This
makes me believe that RIDE MANAGEMENT condones and shares the views of the
actions of this particular sponsor and juniors. Now what about the legal
ramifications!!! This elderly lady might be sitting down discussing this
whole event with her lawyer (if she can sit)figuring out who to "SERVE".
This looks great because its an AERC sanctioned ride. Well I don't know
about anyone else but I like these rides. Karyn Z put on a nice ride but
she is noticeably weak in the area of management.I will NEVER attend
another one of her rides. I do not think I should put my life and horses
life in jeopardy just for fun!

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