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RE: Thumps (not) Shak'in, yes

Mystery hasn't never thumped before but a couple weeks ago, early in the 
a.m., I loaded up the truck and trailer and he knows when he is going 
camping.  It was feed time and although he already was eating for an hour he 
saw everyone else getting fed and just got wired up about it.  He did not 
give me any grief getting in the trailer, but I noticed his muscles in his 
hind legs and sides were just shaking HARD from nerves.  It did not appear 
to be in a rhythm.

I took him out, hand walked / grazed him down the road for 1/2 hour until he 
was calmed down, loaded up (no shaking) and we went on our way.

This has happened in the past from anxiety, excitment and I assume it has 
nothing to do with thumps. (correct me if I'm wrong).  Perhaps this is what 
could be happening with Angie's horse?

Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab.."well. Chief was in my spot and I have to make 
sure he knows I'm higher up but you were draggin me away....")
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