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Re: RC: Lopsidedness

Karen, my new horse I got 3 years ago, I got as a semi wild horse that
had an uneven croup.  He had been raised in a pasture but never been
touched by humans so his unbalance was not riding  related.  Before I
had him even broke after gentled of course, I had a chiro look at him.
The chiro said it was probably injury caused and we started sessions of
adjustments. Each session had the left hip which was lower, coming even.
I noticed he favored traveling to the left on the lunge so I gradually
ask for my work to the right to build up that side.  Under saddle I
tired to work that side as well.  His hips are now totally even and the
one hip is no longer restricted.  I have  periodic adjustments to keep
it that way.


Linda Eisele & LS Lakota
hubby Allen & LS Iceman
2 great sons-Blue & Nick
canine Scooby, feline Tuna
Reno, Nevada

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