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The bigger question... barns??

Alright gang...

The fencing discussion generated some very useful information so now
I am after opinions on barns.  Prefab or custom built?  Mainly... if
you had it to do all over again what would you do different?  We are
talking small barns (or I am anyway - 4 stall, with storage).  I also
just read that it is best to store hay in a seperate shelter than
where the horses are kept, do to dust, etc. generated by hay (I think
this was just in Equus).  Any opinions on this.  I had all intentions
of having the hay storage in my barn, but I also don't intend for the
barn to be the main horse hang out... just shelter they can utilize
when they want to.  I see the barn more as my space...  


Jennifer - Moving from high cost of living California to horse at
home in Utah... yipeee! 

PS  I am very impressed with the prefab barns thus far... Seems the
easy way to go, but want some "been there, done that" opinions. 

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