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Re: RC: Lopsidedness

I haven't read all of ridecamp mail re:lopsidedness, so I'm sorry if I'm off 
on this a bit.  I seem to be having this problem and I have found that just 
after I have gone to the chiropractor  I feel much more balanced.  Ofcourse 
my pelvis has been pretty screwed up from some nasty accidents (riding).  I 
have also found out, thanks to a friend of mine who watched me ride, that I 
seem to favor riding my horse more to the left than the right, therefore, I 
tend to go to the left more when doing arena work than the right.  This has 
caused my horse to be lopsided and a lefty.  I'm trying to correct all of 
this and we're coming along, slowly.

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Title: Lopsidedness

You still have to be careful here – the rider can appear to be sitting lopsided, but if the horse is lopsided the rider doesn’t really have a chance to be sitting straight anyway.  It’s the old chicken and the egg thing.  The horse may be lopsided because of a lopsided rider, but if the horse becomes lopsided, the rider will still be fighting to be sitting straight.  One winter I rode a lesson horse and had someone else ride my horse in order to overcome this issue.  Right now, Beau is back to being low on the left side and high on the right and my hip is suffering because of it.  So back to the checklist – feet, back, saddle, me.  I know for a fact his shoeing hasn’t been balanced for awhile so once that is corrected I will re-evaluate the other issues.


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