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If anyone is interested Clint Swope fixes OF saddles.  My caliente made me
rock, rubbed Maggie's loins, and also gave her girth rubs.  I also felt like
I was constantly pulling my feet back.  I knew I wouldn't get anywhere with
OF company but Clint has done work on our other OF saddles and has done an
excellent job.  He also lives in MO.  So I called him up and told him my
problems.  Result:  he moved my stirrups and fenders back an inch, he put
the flex one system into the skirts and took out those rocker things and
fastened the skirts to the tree the old way, he made sure that my girth was
even on both sides.  Maggie's hair is growing back on the loin rubs, her
hair is growing back on the girth rubs, I don't rock and roll anymore in the
saddle,  and my feet and legs are where they are supposed to be.  I am one
very happy camper.  Clint will work with any OF saddle.  I have his phone
number so email me privately if you want it.

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