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RE: RC: Lopsidedness

Title: RE: RC: Lopsidedness

I’m with ya, babe!  I have had the same exact issues.  And what makes it worse is that
my horse physically started out being crooked in the same direction that I would make
him crooked with my own crooked riding, so it’s a real conscious effort to overcome it!

If you can, switch horses for awhile while someone else (balanced rider) rides your horse.
That has helped me a lot, too, while I was overcoming my “injury”.  Actually I didn’t know
how out of whack physically I was until I took a Centered Riding clinic a few months after having been
tossed 5 times the spring after an El Nino year.  I had been numbing out my body issues to ride,
and didn’t know how badly I needed chiropractic care myself because otherwise I just crawled
back onto his back each time and continued to ride.  Always landed on my right hip – and his
right side is higher than his left….

Your horse may be making you lopsided, too!


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