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Re: Spurs

In a message dated 5/31/01 10:33:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 

> I agree with Jean, I also would lobby hard against a NO SPURS rule. I
>  recently bought myself my first pair of spurs, that after a lot of
>  thinking and researching, I feel are needed. 

I know I'll have at least one spur in my fanny pack when I try and get 
Princess across that river at the GERA ride this coming August.  You have to 
go down this deep incline and then cross a large river; and I know my young 
mare will just freak out when she sees this.  For this crossing I will have 
spurs and a crop.

I would love to train her to cross this obstacle calmly, but we ain't got no 
such thing (hills and a raging river) here in my neck of the woods (Central 
Florida).  And I can't even take her to the beach till November cause of the 
way we protect turtles here.  

Why on earth would AERC want to follow FEI in this area?  FEI used to allow 
whips until the French over used theirs at the finish line during last year's 
World Championship's.  If I had gone to Biltmore I would have worn spurs and 
carried a crop, just to freak out the stewards there.  Yell and scream at me, 
Maggie, please; I just love the attention.  haha.


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