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Re: Re: Breeding Lease

Some mares always have breeding problems and some are just 'sluts'!! and
breed in a New York minute.  I have had both kinds.  Prefer the latter.
There is great variability.  Guess I could cause some commotion by
mentioning that I have a 21 yo due to foal any time.  Her previous foal was
2 yrs ago.  She is hard to keep weight on.  To see her, you would not think
she is 21.  All things need to be kept in perspective and use common sense.
Most of us do not have the money to keep a 'bunch of pasture
ornaments'!!!!!!!   BUT then one could argue that breeding for the everyday
small farm should be controlled so the price of horses goes up.  One could
make a number of arguments here.  The important thing is that the animals
are cared for.  All of us can't afford  $20,000 horses!!!  But then just
look what it takes to keep an expensive horse expensive.  All depends on how
you look at it.   Mary Ann
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> Another factor you should consider is the age of your mare and considering
> "down time" since her last foal. Usually if a mare hasn't foaled in 5
years she is
> considered maiden. Which might be tricky trying to cover. Plus more
> might occur during delivery. I would definitely talk this over with a vet
that is
> very familiar with breeding.
> Leasing a breeding mare is a common practice and can be profitable if your
mare is
> well taken care of. Linda has some very good points. You really have to do
> homework on this one.
> Keep me updated on your decision.
> ~Lee Ann Feissner
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