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Re: RC: saddle placement question

Thanks, Jeri.  I like the way the Wintec feels to me also, but I do have some 
trouble just standing in it.  Posting is fine, sitting is fine, two pointing 
is hard.  Special has a great sweat pattern from the saddle, but still has 
the white areas she developed from the Tennesseean saddle.  I don't know if 
those ever go away or not.  And those skin under those white areas feels like 
it's thicker than the surrounding skin.  I didn't notice the thickening prior 
to using the Wintec.  So, though the Wintec *appears* to fit, and Special 
*appears* to like it, I don't know if the Wintec is causing the skin to 
thicken in those areas, or not.  


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