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Re: RC: saddle placement question

Hi, Rhonda  I would add one comment to Abby's statement about proper saddle 
fit for the horse.  I agree that's the proper placement for an English 
saddle.  The other point to mention is How does the saddle place YOU when 
it's that far back.  If it feels like it tips you forward, then it's probably 
too wide for Special.  The seat should place you so that your pelvis feels 
level.  I have a Wintec dressage that doesn't have an an easy change gullet, 
and I use it with a pad that lifts the front of the saddle a bit.  Admittedly 
this isn't ideal, but my mare has decided that my Solstice just doesn't fit 
her, and she seems to be okay with the Wintec and pad.  I am AGAIN looking 
for a new saddle.  I tried an Ansur dressage on her when they first came 
out--she really moved her free in the shoulder, but I couldn't ante up the 
bucks, and didn't like some things about it for me and endurance riding.  Am 
seriously considering looking at the Safari or some other new (expensive) 
saddle.  It's either that or buy a new horse.  (Believe me,I considered that 
too--my farrier didn't like the way my first choice moved --said he thought 
her hocks had too much set to them, and some twisting also.  Said she would 
probably move off her hind end real good, but her hocks would break down.  
That's why he's my farrier even though he's NEVER on time--because he is very 
observant and honest!  Back to saddles, it's a never ending thing to find one 
that fits you AND the horse.  Hope you have found it.  jeri  

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