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Re: RC: saddle placement question

Rhonda -

This is where *all* saddles should be ... probably the most common
equipment error I see.

-Abby B wrote:
> As long as I'm bugging people with saddle questions, I might as well ask
> another that's been bothering me.  I've been riding my mare in a Wintec
> dressage saddle.  I put it where I *think* it ought to be and it slides back
> during the course of our rides to about a hand's width behind her shoulder
> blade -- about four or five inches behind the top of her withers.  When the
> saddle is moved back this far, Special's shoulder blade comes within and inch
> or so of touching the front edge of the saddle when she's really moving.
> Moving the saddle any more than inch farther forward and her shoulder will
> contact the edge of the saddle when she is in gait.  So, is this too far back
> for the saddle to be?  It feels as if it is too far back based upon the
> western riding lessons I have taken, but I've never ridden in a dressage
> saddle before and just don't know.
> Rhonda
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Abby Bloxsom
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